Shamrukus | Tangle Time Recap

Our new friend and fellow CZT, Barbara Langston created a really neat Shamrock inspired tangleation.(Ok, it’s really a 4 leaf clover, but you can make it a shamrock. LOL) This was inspired by the tangle, Abukus by CZT Charlotte Carpentier, which is a tangleation of Arukus by Zentangle®.

Thanks to Sandy Vaughan, the Irish Tangler, who followed along with Barbara’s Video and posted her amazing work on our Tangle Addicts Facebook Group. With Barbara’s permission, we featured Shamrukus on our Tangle Time sessions. It was a wonderful finale to our #7DaysToStPaddysDay tangles.

HERE is my version of the step-out and HERE is Barbara’s and HERE is a link to her video.

If you haven’t yet attended a Tangle Time Session, first – we’d love to have you join in on the fun!!! Second, our purpose is to explore a tangle or two. Just as in the Zentangle® methodology, there are no expectations. It’s our own individual journey and everyone on the call and in our Tangle Addicts Community enjoys celebrating each other’s work.

Speaking of that, look at all the wonderful work and the variety of creativity from these Tangle Time sessions. AMAZING work!!! If you give it a try, please post it with #shamrukas and #TangleAddicts.

Thanks to everyone that sent pictures in and posted on the Tangle Addicts Community Facebook group!! TRULY AMAZING work!!! Click on any picture to enlarge.

Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun!!! I will add pictures as I receive them, check back by clicking the title of the blog so you see it from the site. Also, for those that have supported these free classes by being a Tangle Addicts Club Member, donating directly or by purchasing Zentangle products from my store, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Here are replays of both sessions as well as Quickie the video.

I hope you give it a try!! Happy Tangling!!!
Heather Hartwick Gladden, CZT 20

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