Steampunk Tangles

Here is our collection of tangles that fit into the Steampunk Genre.

What is Steampunk? Futuristic AND Retro. The steampunk genre brings these together. It’s inspired by fashions of the Victoria Era in England (1837-1901, The Belle Epoque in France (1871-1914) and the Civil War era in the United States (1861-1865). Also inspired by the works of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and more. Think of the Nautilus in 20,000 Leagues under the sea. The first known use of the term steampunk is attributed to author Kevin Jeter in his 1987 letter to Locus Magazine. The rest of this story and more is at this link –

Some work well as a Reticulum, some are components and some are great fillers or backgrounds. Make good use of variations and decorations!! Have fun!!! Post your results with #TASteampunk

Click on any picture and the step-out will open in a new tab. For more Steampunk tangles and videos go to my Steampunk YouTube Playlist.

Starpunk by Sandy Vaughn
Trapt1 by Poppi-60
Caiss by CZT Ria Matheussen
Baecube by CZT Barbara Steyer
SiRose by CZT Simone Menzel
Arben by CZT Gildo Sobrino
Tink by CZT Carole Ohl
Spearator by CZT Suzanne Fluhr
Pina by CZT Carole Ohl
Linked by CZT Vicki Murray
C-Chain by Emily Perkins
Elo by CZT Theresa Fessler
Rench by CZT Heidi Kay
Sprocket by Vera Giesbrecht
Equili Librium by Sabine Haferkorn
Block-Chain by Ludmila Katz
Nova by Beth Gaughan
P’rim by CZT Theresa Fessler
Barz by CZT Alice Hendon
Obelus by CZT Angie Gittles
Strutz by Sarah Fowler
Starmap by CZT Suzanne McNeill
SeEyeBop by Debbi Minero
Payito by Diana E. Marshall
Arrowtree by CZT Ellen Weinman
Bubbles by CZT Suzanne McNeill
Riggle by Alan Quincy