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Introducing the Tangle Addicts Club

The response to my online Zentangle® sessions and videos has been so wonderful!! I appreciate everyone that attends and contributes!! Many of you have supported my efforts through direct donation or purchasing Zentangle supplies through my online store – THANK YOU!

When you subscribe, I receive a notice and then will send out a welcome email with information. Please make sure that your email listed on PayPal is correct. If you need me to use a different email than what you use for Payal, please email me and let me know: (Right now this is a manual process, so it may not be immediate.) Thank you for your consideration!

Questions: Click HERE for some FAQs or email me: (or fill out email form at end of page)

Tangle Addicts Club Member $35/month

  • Access to all regular paid classes** ($15 – $35 each if you were to register individually)
  • Access to Replays (Ad Free)
  • Exclusive, Club Members only: Razzama-Tanga Game sessions on the 1st Tuesday of each month.
  • Your subscription also helps support my weekly Tangle Time and Tough Tangle Tuesday Sessions. (and to add more classes at some point!)

For you early adopters, and those that have joined along the way, thank you for your support as I developed this program! Everyone is “Grandfathered”! Meaning, your monthly price will never change as long as you maintain your membership.

Here is a sample list of the paid classes – in no particular order. These are on Tuesdays (excepted for the 3rd Tuesday which is the free session, ‘Tough’ Tangle Tuesday) starting at 11am EDT and 7pm EDT – subject to change:

  • Zentangle® Essentials: Zentangle® is more than just about tangling. Learn about the Zentangle Method and it’s essential techniques. Good to get you started in Zentangle®, for those that want to learn more about the method behind the tangling, and as a refresher for seasoned tanglers.
  • Black Tile Tangling: Devoting the entire session to working on Black tiles. Check descriptions when this is offered as the focus and tools you need will change.
  • Chiaroscuro Tangling (Renaissance (tan) Tiles): Devoting the entire session to working with the concept called Chiaroscuro – working on tan tiles and focusing on using dark (shading) and light (highlights) to achieve beautiful results. Check descriptions when this is offered as the focus and tools you need may change.
  • Gray Tile Tangling: Devoting the entire session to working on these new Gray tiles. Check descriptions when this is offered as the focus and tools you need will change.
  • String Theory: Focus on the idea of using strings, different ideas for creating a string – especially to be able to create one without hesitation. Also sharing some tangle ideas for the different strings.
  • Shades of Gray: A focus on shading techniques that will make your tangles POP!
  • Tranzending: A technique of layering tangles, creating tranzlucence as well as explore other shading and highlighting techniques. *NOTE* We will be working a completed tile, or work of yours.
  • Zendalas: Exploring the fun to be had on these round tiles – we may use some string templates or make up our own. Check descriptions when this is offered as the focus and tools you need will change.
  • Affirmation Tangles: Re-purpose old damaged books and create a meaningful, beautiful and one of a kind piece of art. We go beyond normal tangling. Your piece is uniquely you because you choose the words to highlight.  Choose your focus! Pick words that are powerful for you, that inspire you or heal you. If this is to be a gift, choose words that would be important to the recipient.
  • Tangled Monograms: Create a one of a kind monogram with your own handwriting, with my easy (yes easy) technique.
  • Tangle-in-Tangle: This is almost a series unto itself. Tangles like: Crazy Huggins, Dinsplatz, Waybop, and more where we have one tangle that becomes the string that we tangle on.
  • ZenGems, Dewdrops, and other tangle ornaments Exploring “Heather’s way” of creating these amazing ways to add some ornamentation to your tangling.
  • Zenbossing: Using a light toned paper, learn how to create a that embossed look. (“Heather’s way”)
  • 12 Shades of Gray: Concept by Sonya Yencer
  • Seasonal Tangling Specials:
    • Snowflakes (inspired by Tint’s on Tan Series) (link to come)
    • Spring Flowers (inspired by the Tint’s on Tan Series)
    • Seashells (inspired by the Tint’s on Tan Series)
    • Autumnal Tangles
    • Spooky Tangles (Halloween)
    • Festive Tangles (Christmasy)
  • More as I develop them.

**Access to all regular paid classes: Right now, when you subscribe, you will automatically be entered into the class and receive an email with class link from my GoMeet platform. (Some of you already get this for the Thursday Tangle Time sessions.) I will also add you to an email distribution list either on my email or through MailChimp or similar service, to keep you updated on the classes coming up. You can still follow me on other services, but know that you do not need to purchase tickets for the any class.

Regular paid classes are on Tuesday’s. As I’m starting some larger in-person/hybrid events, these are not included, but will be discounted for club members.