Introducing a new tangle: Elefel

On today’s Tangle Time sessions, we are premiering another wonderful tangle by Sandy Vaughan AKA The Irish Tangler.

Introducing Elefel! (L.F.L.) Here is the story from Sandy:

“I was inspired to deconstruct this pattern by my little collection of claddagh rings, my Mum gave me my first one when I was 7 years old, and I bought my son his first one when he was also 7. Claddaghs can be plain made from silver or gold, or some have gems where the heart is and diamond encrusted shoulders, and some are a more contemporary style of ring with trinity bands and additional celtic details.

Claddagh rings are a tradionally Irish ring which, when worn in a certain way and on a certain finger on your hand, means you’re either already taken and in a relationship, or worn the opposite way means that you’re free and looking for love! 

I called it Elefel, which stems from the letters L. F. L. because the claddagh ring means Love, Friendship and Loyalty. The heart symbolises love, the hands are friendship, and the crown is loyalty. 

Here’s the step out and some sample tiles, plus I’ve included a photo of my claddagh rings 💍 

Hope you like this one and the meaning behind it, which I’ve always personally loved.” 

When you post your work, make sure to use #chygerr and tag Sandy. If you are on Instagram, make sure to follow @theirishtangler while you are there!

Here is Sandy’s step-out:

Sandy’s inspiration:

… and information on the ring’s messaging.

Have fun with this and when you post, please add in #elefel (and #tangleaddicts if you don’t mind.) Thank you Sandy for adding to our tangle library and experience! What a fun tangle!!!

Happy Tangling!!!!
Heather CZT20

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