Introducing a new tangle: DahllyLite

On today’s Tangle Time sessions, we are premiering another wonderful tangle by CZT Alyssa Herget.

Introducing DahllyLite! Here is the story from Alyssa:

“The original tangle I was working on was playing with the Holly Leaves from the tangle Meriberries that we did. I ended up putting them in a circle, like how this started, and I kept blooming it outward. It kept going after this step, and turned into a beautiful flower that looked close to the Dahlia flower. So I combined Dahlia + Holly to come up with Dahlly. This version is DahllyLite, since we stop early. The pronunciation of “Dahlly” sounds like “Dolly” which is also what my dad used to call me when I was growing up, so it’s a bit of a nod to him as well. :)”

Alyssa and I were chatting about this tangle and it looked so much like a snowflake at step 6, Alyssa created this Lite version for our Winter Snowflakes class. Thank you, Alyssa!!! The full tangle will be premiered later.

When you post your work, make sure to use #dahllylite and tag Alyssa. If you are on Instagram, make sure to follow @alydoodleCZT while you are there!

Here is Alyssa’s step-out:

Below, are some samples from Alyssa:

Click HERE for the results from our Winter Snowflakes class featuring DahllyLite and stay tuned for the recap of today’s Tangle Time sessions!

Have fun with this and when you post, please add in #dahllylite (and #tangleaddicts if you don’t mind.) Thank you Alyssa for adding to our tangle library and experience! What a fun tangle!!!

Happy Tangling!!!!
Heather CZT20

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