Tangle Time: Fife

Fife is such a neat tangle and we had great fun with it on Jan 7, 2021 – Our first full Tangle Time of the new year. This starts as a grid of dots that can be looked at 2 ways – a straight grid where you see squares, but then also if you turn your tile or paper 45 degrees, it looks offset. Molly, from Zentangle®, Inc, talks about it in THIS newsletter edition where Fife was introduced. This is essentially 2 tangles in one step-out. If you stop at step 4 in my step out, you get more of the flower look. Click here for more pictures from the Zentangle® blog.

Tangles with minimal numbers of strokes are great and easy to remember! This one starts with a dot grid and is made up of curved lines connecting the dots, creating seeds. I find doing one side of the seed, then flipping my tile/paper and doing the other side makes them more consistent because my curved lines are all being drawn in the same direction.

I love that while we are all looking at the same step-outs (instructions) everyone adds in their own style and creativeness. We look at each other’s work for extra inspiration and ideas.

Thanks to everyone that sent pictures in!! Here is what I’ve received already – They all are TRULY AMAZING!!! Click on any picture to enlarge.

Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun!!! I will add pictures as I receive them, check back by clicking the title of the blog so you see it from the site. Also, for those that have supported these free classes directly or by purchasing Zentangle products from my store, THANK YOU!

Heather Hartwick Gladden, CZT 20

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