Tangle Time 10/29: Fassett

Picking today’s date in the #IntoberTangles2020 list by CZT Stephanie Jennifer, we find the tangle Fassett by CZT Lynn Mead. It’s a wonderful tangle, one of those – looks more complicated than it is – tangles!

This is the first time I have used this tangle, and as I was playing with it in preparation for Tangle Time, I found I needed to add a step to the beginning. Explanation of this is on my video. For extra inspiration check out the stepouts including variations and examples for Fassett on TanglePatterns.

Zentangle® is a beautiful testimony to how we are all unique and create so much beauty when we embrace our uniqueness and share it.

Here are some close up shots from those who emailed me their work. If you were on one of the calls, or if you couldn’t make it and want to give this a shot, I would LOVE to share what you have done – Pop me an email (heather@tangleaddicts.com) with it and I will add it to this gallery! Click on any picture to enlarge.

Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun!!! I will add pictures as I receive them, check back by clicking the title of the blog so you see it from the site. Also, BIG Thank You’s to those that have supported these free classes directly or by purchasing Zentangle products from my store, THANK YOU!

Heather Hartwick Gladden, CZT

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