May 28, 2020 Tangle Time

Every week, we take a small mental vacation with a few tangles. Today we took a walk outside to explore nature. I gave the option to do the 4 corner dots and create a border, and used the tangle Quipple as a string. This week I thought of Quipple as a River bed.

Everyone is open to place the string as they want, I placed mine in the middle of my tile, having it meander diagonally. Next, we added some whimsical Zinger

And then, some of Rick’s Version of Flux.

Finishing with some shading and maybe a touch of color.

Just look at how beautiful!! Thank you all for joining in!!! If you want to join in on the fun – click below the slide show to register for the next (or future) event. (NO Art skill Required!!) Try your hand at these tangles and make sure to share your results on our Facebook Group!

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