Introducing a new tangle: C.Boy

This is the first World Premier on ‘Tough’ Tangle Tuesday! (Join us – Free!) As I was looking for a tangle to ‘torture’ everyone with, I was looking at the impossible triangle/square/other shapes and then Debbi Minero’s tangle, C.Boy popped into my head. I hadn’t shared it yet AND it was perfect.

Here’s what Debbi’s wrote on her post where she first shared C.Boy: “And last but not least…C.boy (aka Carter boy) last grandson. This one was a challenge, but once you can see it, you can do it. It does require focus and you may want to start with a pencil string. Close with simple lines or have fun adding different closures.” (The challenge was put forth by fellow TangleAddict and CZT Alyssa Herget, to create a tangle for each of her grandchildren.)

Here is some of Debbi’s gorgeous work!!

Here’s Debbi’s step-out:

And some playing around…

Visit Debbi on Instragram: Thank you Debbi for adding sooooo much to our tangle library and experience!

Happy Tangling!!
Heather, CZT20

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