Introducing a new tangle: Sharky

On this week, I’m doing this Premier a little different. While Debbi Minero put this out a while ago, I was looking for the right time to premier it and it’s now! Introducing Sharky.

Here is Debbi’s post where she first shared Sharky: “Aly challenge tangle #2. Designed for my grandson Mason and named by him. It unexpectedly can be used in so many ways. As a stand alone, in a grouping, in a grid, organic, as a critter or to represent a holiday. The options are endless… Meet Sharky.. #sharky

The Aly Challenge (fellow TangleAddict and CZT Alyssa Herget) , if I remember correctly, was for Debbie to create a tangle for each of her grandchildren.

Here is some of Debbi’s gorgeous work!!

Here’s Debbi’s step-out:

Visit Debbi on Instragram: Thank you Debbi for adding sooooo much to our tangle library and experience!

Happy Tangling!!
Heather, CZT20

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