Introducing a new tangle: SassyPants

On this week’s Tangle Time sessions, we are having another World Premier! It will actually be a double! Debbi Minero’s, Sassy Pants and Sassooka. On this post, we are sharing her Sassy pants

In Debbi’s post about her new tangle, she says: “Played with my new tangle a little more and decided I am happy with it. Remembering the take off and land technique is what was needed for me to be happy. This is Sassy Pants (thank you Inez West for changing my mind on the name). This tangle was for granddaughter #2 Jessica. If take a close look it started of as 2 “J”s end to end, but thought well that is not in the true Zentangle methodology, so we start with a curve “c” shape, make it more curvy and turn it into an s shape and add more curves. Throw a few lines to look like an “A” and there you go. When Inez mentioned sassy, I laughed because Jessica’s nickname is #misssassypants . We say she is all sassy and smart a$$y.”

Here are some of Debbi’s gorgeous samples!

… and here’s how to do it!

Visit Debbi on Instragram: Thank you Debbi for adding so much to our tangle library and experience!

Happy Tangling!!
Heather, CZT20

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