Introducing a new tangle: Buzzz

On this week’s Tangle Time sessions, we had a double World Premier! First was Dottyr and we added in Buzzz, also by Debbi Minero.

Oh her post in the Tangle Addicts Facebook group, Debbi says “I have had a few people message me about the name of the little critters in the background on my bookmark. I have no clue if there is a Tangle out there, I have just always drawn this little guy. If no tangle exists, then here you go. We will call it Buzzz.” I don’t believe I’ve seen anything even close – So welcome this adorable tangle, Buzzz!!

Here is Debbi’s bookmark, with Buzzz, Glicjam by CZT Yasmina Lena and Therefore by Zentangle.

… and here’s how to do it!

Have fun with this and when you post, please use #buzzz (and #tangleaddicts if you don’t mind.)

Visit Debbi on Instragram: Thank you Debbi for adding so much to our tangle library and experience!

Happy Tangling!!
Heather, CZT20

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