Introducing a new tangle: Meji

On today’s Tangle Time sessions, we are premiering another wonderful tangle by Debbi Minero, Meji (pronounced Meh-hee. It’s so fun to share her work because it’s beautiful and usually have tons of ways to embellish or decorate.

Here is what Debbi said about how she came to creating this tangle: “I received a beautiful bag made from the most gorgeous material, handpicked and handmade just for me. The beautiful soul who gifted this to me knows my passion for tangling and my favorite colors. I just knew I had to sit down today and deconstruct two of the patterns on the bag, my way. Meji (Meh-hee) and Mysons were born.)

Stay tuned for our Premier of Mysons.

This time, I’m going to share her finished work first. It’s just so gorgeous!!! She adds some Mooka fronds and Fescu to Meji.

I know you want to give it a try! Here’s how to do it:

Have fun with this and when you post, please use #meji (and #tangleaddicts if you don’t mind.)

Visit Debbi on Instragram: Thank you Debbi for adding so much to our tangle library and experience!

Happy Tangling!!
Heather, CZT20

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