Introducing a new tangle: VAJO

On today’s Tangle Time sessions, we will be premiering another wonderful tangle from our Tangle Addicts community, VAJO by Debbi Minero.

“This is a play on the letters V A J O”, Debbi says. A wonderful play it is!!!! Just look at all the fun we can have with this tangle!

Here is her step-out.

Give it a try, maybe you have time to join us today and stay tuned for the recap post of today’s sessions featuring Debbi’s VAJO!!

2 thoughts on “Introducing a new tangle: VAJO

  1. INEZ WEST says:

    Hi Heather! I’ll post today’s tangle on Facebook when I’m finished with it. Both were really fun tangles. I was interested in joining the $15 monthly club, but I was unsure where to send the payment. I have enjoyed learning and working with you and am really interested in expanding my skills. I have come up with my own 2 tangles, and will send the stepouts for you to look at and share your opinion with me at a later time. You can send the membership info for payment to:   Inez West 


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