Introducing a new tangle: 2lips

On the 3/24/2022 Tangle Time sessions, we are introducing a new tangle from our Tangle Addicts community, 2lips by CZTs Cherie Hartwick & me (Heather Hartwick Gladden).

It was a collaborative effort. Mom (Cherie) saw the pictures below and was inspired by the stained glass. She was working out the deconstruction and showed me when I was over for a visit. As we looked at it, I started playing with it myself and voila we came up with 2lips!

This is from the Alfred Fisher Mansion in Detroit.

Here is our step-out and some of our work.

Join us, if you’ve opened this in time Click HERE for links to join – give it a try and stay tuned for the recap post of today’s sessions!!

When you try this – please post with #2lips.

Happy Tangling!!!
Heather Hartwick Gladden, CZT20

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