“It’s a String Thing!” Recap: February 22, 2022

In these sessions, we focused in on the 4th step of the Zentangle® Method – The String. The string is an integral part of tangling. We covered why they are important, the concept, and different ways to approach them. Following the steps of the Zentangle® Method, we have a continual stream of exciting, creative and fresh tangle experiences.

The replays of these sessions are available to Tangle Addicts Club supporting members and those that paid for the class individually. Contact me if you wish to purchase the replay, or stay tuned for the next live session.

Thanks to everyone that sent in pictures in and posted on the Tangle Addicts Community Facebook group!! It’s nice to see the work up close. TRULY AMAZING work!!! Click on any picture to enlarge.

Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun!!! I will add pictures as I receive them, check back by clicking the title of the blog so you see it from the site.

Happy Tangling!!!!
Heather Hartwick Gladden, CZT 20

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