Getting caught up on posts here. On July 7th, we focused our attention to this wonderful, hodgepodge of tangles called Dingsplatz. Starting with a loop deloop deloop as the frame and string all in one, and adding tangles inside and outside of the structure.

There are three Dingsplatz’ presented on the video that is on the Zentangle® Blog.

I have drawn the step out for the first example and will be working on the other two. (Pg 1Pg 2) Enjoy the results from this first session – and give it a go! Feel free to share your result on any of the social media you can – links below. I have 2 sessions coming up tomorrow, Tuesday July 21st 11am and 7pm EDT. See my list of classes HERE.

I’m so grateful to everyone that is traveling on this Zentangle® journey with me. Happy Tangling!!!

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