Tangled Cookies!

We had another great afternoon Zentangling cookies. The cookies are sugar cookies, some are frosted with royal icing, some were plain.


Heather ‘s:



Our “Ugly” sweaters. These had no frosting and the pens worked great, just have to wipe the tip frequently for crumbs. 

We also did an ensemble (we each drew a section) sweater because we had one extra. 

We also had with black frosting inspired by a Pinterest post, but didn’t turn out as described. We had fun with them anyway.

For the tangling, we used Wilton Foodwriters. They have two color sets Primary and Neon. We used fine and extra fine. I believe they may have a brush tip also. We also used a set of Betty Crocker Easy Writers. they are a very loose  brush tip,  where the Wilton’s are a felt tip like Crayola markers.  The Betty Crocker markers were great for blending and background color.

For 3D effects ,  we used Wilton’s Candy Decorating Pens. They come in a set of 4 colors and dry to a hard candy. To  use these you have to keep them in a cup of hot water to soften the candy up so it will flow. This makes it really difficult to draw with as we do with the markers plus the candy cools and hardens pretty fast.

Here are recipes for cookies and the icing – Thanks to my Mom, Cherie Hartwick, CZT, for these!

Rich Sugar Cookie Recipe.jpgSugar Cookie Glaze Recipe.jpg

If you are inspired to Zentangle some cookies, please share photos and stories!

Thanks for reading!

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