When I sit down to tangle, or I’m working on Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) – I usually have a theme in mind and I want to have tangles that work together in that theme, but most sites have tangles listed by name.

I have designed TangleAddicts.com to help us Tangle Addicts easily find and sort tangles according to the categories that they seem to naturally fall into.

In the menu above – hover or click to view all of the tangles I have listed so far for that category. There, you will see thumbnails for each tangle and a link to the step-out. In an effort to move a little faster filling content, you will see that sometimes I just have names of the tangles and maybe their creator.

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  1. Denise Downes says:

    Hello Heather,
    I am looking for a class for my niece and sister to do together. My niece is a 5th grader and very artistic (so is my sister). I think they will love Zentangle. They live in Novi. I was thinking about signing them up for the Zentangle essentials, but I am not sure if the January 5 date will work. Do you offer gift cards?


  2. Marie says:

    Where did you post the step outs for this past Thursday night class? I started but want to finish.
    I’m on the East Coast taking care of my failing mother and I seem to be able to find very little time for myself so that’s why I had to leave the class. Thanks. Marie

  3. Stacy says:

    Hello from Canada! I am relatively new to zentangle and have been following your youtube channel for the past couple of months. I’d like to join one of your free online classes. Will you be continuing them through July and August?

    • heathergladden says:

      HI Stacy!! I absolutely will be! I may have to rearrange one or two – but I will be continuing the Thursday Tangle Time, as long as I’m able. I also have a Zentangle Essentials Scheduled (just realized it’s not on the Classes page. For that one I’m charging $25, or it’s included my new Tangle Addicts Club. Just wanted you to know. Looking forward to tangling with you!!

  4. Anne Weir says:

    Hi Heather .How do I sign up for the Thursday classes please.I have done one previously which was on at 4pm UK time but am having a senior moment and can’t remember how I did it😂

  5. Amy money says:

    Hi Heather,
    Greetings from Ontario Canada!
    I have just signed up for your monthly membership. I have read all your information but just want to make sure I don’t miss any classes you are offering. Will updates be emailed? Do I need to check on a media platform? It sounds like your classes are recorded… How do I get access as I work full time?
    I’m really excited because I’ve realized how much I’m missing my creative time.
    Thanks again

  6. lolix1963 says:

    Hi Heather I really love how you’ve created the small videos step by step and including images for the same 🥰
    Please could you share or point me to the basics of Zen tangles, supplies especially the tiles and there size. I guess one of my biggest questions is ‘do you start a tangle in a square shape?’ and what size is or do you recommend for beginners? It seems a little overwhelming on a sheet of a4 paper 🙀thank you for sharing your amazing work. Lorraine

    • heathergladden says:

      Hi Lorraine!!! The original tiles are 3 1/2 inch square. The ones I use on the videos are 2 inch squares. There are some nice basic sets that you can get. On my site, there is a link to get supplies. There are a lot of different sizes now. So glad you like the videos!!! I will be having a Zentangle Essentials class the first Tuesday in May. I’ll be posting it soon. In that class we cover the method and the essential techniques and concepts.

  7. Mary Pickert says:

    Hi Heather
    Would you please add my email to your list so that I get notified for the Tuesday and Thursday classes. I loved the ones that I attended previously but am somehow missing the notifications.
    Thank you so much!

  8. eaeiber says:

    How do I cancel my membership? The times don’t work for me to join live classes, I can’t seem to access the recordings, I can’t access the members only content, this is the second time I have attempted to leave a message. And was I charged twice on August 30?

    • heathergladden says:

      I can cancel it for you, not problem, Just need your name. This is the first message I have received regarding this. I have sent numerous emails with direct access to the replays. Its the same info that is on the members only page. Please let me know how else you tried to contact me so I can ensure things are working on my end. The last thing I want is someone unhappy with the service I provide, I will also check on a double payment.

    • heathergladden says:

      Ellen, I figured it out. It looks like you paid for the class at the same time that you registered to become a member. The problem was that you didn’t need to go back in through Meetup. As I had put in my emails, I automatically register you for classes and the platform send automatic emails. I also sent separate emails with links to log in. I will refund that class as you shouldn’t have paid for it and I didn’t catch it. I will also cancel you from the membership club.

  9. Susan B says:

    I signed up through eventbrite. The instructions on your platform were not helpful. I used the phone app and tried to join the meeting. It asked for a meeting URL or code, neither of which I could find. I am really disappointed to have missed this course ;(

  10. Roberta Kelly says:

    I start my day with your posted daily tangle and a cup of coffee. My sketchbook of almost 900 tangles is a source of joy and inspiration for me . Zentangle helped me through some very tough times. You and your Mom are amazing and appreciated for sharing your talent.

      • Clelie Rich says:

        I’m confused! Sad but true. Apparently I need a password for the members page, but I didn’t receive one yet, and also when I go to eventbrite to register for the thursday class it says the event is ended. I think I might be doing something wrong and I need to make a course correction

      • heathergladden says:

        That password is in the welcome email. I’m not sure why Eventbrite would say the event is over, but I will check. I may need to add some dates. They dont have a “forever” option, I add as many as I can. LOL

        In a little bit, you will receive an invitation to Tangle Time, from my platform, Online meeting.

  11. PHYLLIS says:

    I noticed ” If you would like me to add your email to any regular occurring session, let me know. ” but there doesn’t seem to be a link to do so. I would love this for the Thursday at 7 classes and the hard tues at 7 classes. Thanks so much. lease confirm I do not need to apply for every week. I really enjoy the classes. I especially like the quickies where you explain and demo so well!

  12. Kez Grainger-Hurst says:

    Hi Heather,
    Thank you for giving me pointers in my FB post about you zentangle essentials class. You said there is going to be one in October, will it be closer to the time that is gets listed on your classes tab? I have searched them all and can’t find it so just thought I’d ask as I think I will be able to take part.
    Thanks for all your daily quickies on YouTube too, really enjoy them.
    Thanks again

    • heathergladden says:

      Hi Kez! I think I had just posted them on Facebook – on my page. (I need to get them here on my site.) I just shared them on the FB Group – so you should see them in the Featured section under events. They should show up in your time zone. Thanks so much for your kind words!!!

  13. Melanie Halcomb says:

    Hi Heather!

    I am somewhat new to tangling, and I religiously watch about 4-5 YouTubers in the Zentangle world. I have to say that when I first started watching your channel, I thought, “Does this woman ever stop talking?” But the more I watched, the more inspired I felt. Sometimes I will watch the same videos over again. I am part of your tangle addicts on Facebook, but I can never manage to work out the time differences to come on board. Basically, I just wanted to say “Thank you!”

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