Welcome to Inktober Tangles 2023

It’s coming to be that time of year again! Inktober Tangle Season!!!!  If you are not familiar, let me explain… 

Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

It seemed like maybe some other CZTs created lists for Inktober in the past, but for the last few years the only list I have seen is from CZTs Stephanie Jennifer and Debbie New of 7 Forests 5 Rivers (7f5r). They do remarkable work with their preparation and promotion, which is why it has become THE Inktober Tangle source! We will follow their list again this year.


You can take a look at the list ahead of time, but let me share some thoughts from comments and posts I’ve seen from our fellow TangleAddicts in years past doing this:

  • Remember the spirit of this “challenge”: the origin was one guy (Jake Parker) who wanted to challenge himself to draw something every day, and that great idea grew! (A lot of you are already doing this with my #dailytangle.)
  • Remember, it’s not a competition. It’s a challenge for yourself to grow in whatever direction you want to grow with your Zentangle Art.
  • NO PRESSURE! NO STRESS! (Yes, there were some people that ended up getting really stressed over this. Let’s not go there.)

Here’s how it works on TangleAddicts:

These tangles will become the Daily Tangle I share, as I do normally. I put it out the evening prior to the day that tangle is for (my time anyway). You can download/access and use the list which includes instructions and inspiration from 7f5r HERE. (You can also download it from the 7f5r website, but incase you don’t use Google Drive, use my link.)

One thing to also think about, while we have some time, is how do you want to show or display your work for this, or if you even want to do something? Some people do them on individual tiles and then put them into a collection, maybe in a book or frame them. Some used a huge piece of paper and created a string to house the tangles. Some did that without a string, just one tangle after another. Like everything, Zentangle – it’s completely up to you! Last year, Sandy Vaughan, shared some wonderful ideas from others. Here is Sandy’s and other’s from the TangleAddicts Group. Some are complete, some show a day or so out of their sketchbook. You do what you want! If you would like to send me what you did last year, I will add it to this gallery. ) Click on any picture to enlarge and keep reading! I have a template link for you and more.

If you would like to have a template to put all of your Inkober Tangles in, click HERE. You can find ways to enlarge these, or use them as ideas for creating your own Reticula. (This link is also on each of my Daily Tangle Posts because you can use it for each monthly “challenge” if you like. )

When posting your work use #InktoberTangles2023 in your title or description so your work can be found and associated with IntoberTangles 2023. Inside their file, there is a link to their Facebook Group and you can join there to post your work if you like. 

This Inktober, marks one year of posting my Daily Tangles on my blog – I took the opportunity for a challenge, and added these blog posts to the challenge I already had going with the 100 Day Project from 2021* I run out of tangles or I’m not able to physically do it anymore.*

I will continue posting on the Tangle Addicts Facebook Page and in the Tangle Addicts Facebook Group and on my YouTube Channel. I hope you enjoy these!

*One caveat, though, I am also maintaining that personal challenge, I mentioned, of doing one new tangle each day until we run out of tangles or I’m not physically able to do them 😂. I’m doing these in subsequent 100 day projects – because it’s fun! (For me anyway. 😂)  So ,what happens if there is a tangle on the InktoberTangles2023 list that I’ve already done?? Well, you will see two prompts from me. I will post links for the InktoberTangle2023 AND I will also share a new tangle and post that as well. You choose which you want to do, or maybe you want to do both. #youdowhatyouwant!

(Side note – from this point until October, I will be checking the list to ensure I don’t do any that are on there.)

Looking forward to this extra challenge!!! Remember post and use #InktoberTangles2023 (and #tangleaddicts if you don’t mind!). 

Thanks for being a member of the TangleAddicts Community!
Looking forward to the extra excitement that Inktober always brings!!

Heather, CZT 20

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Inktober Tangles 2023

  1. rockawaybeachjoe says:

    Hi Heather, I only discovered the art of tangling at the end of October 2022, I was aware of Inktober but hadn’t yet wrapped my head around the concept well enough to participate. I’m excited now to participate in the Inktober 2023 fun and and ready to celebrate my first year anniversary of zentangle and zentangle inspired art.

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