Day 3 #HNYTangles | CO2

On Day 1’s video, I mentioned that a big part of the inspiration for picking the tangle Femmie was that it looks like a frame – and with a New Year, it’s a great opportunity to re-frame things. For day 2, Thrive popped out at me, almost as if the tangles themselves want to inspire us. Re-frame with Femmie and then Thrive. It will be interesting to see how this grows – pun intended!

Click HERE for some template ideas if you want to put all of your work on a page. You can probably enlarge them and print them OR trace them.

Join us for more fun on our Private Facebook Group (make sure to answer the questions). If you haven’t joined us online for Live fun with Tangling. Join us for Tangle Time!

CO2 was created by CZT Antonine Koval.

My version of the step-out is HERE. More inspiration is over THERE.

My YouTube Playlist for HNYTangles is HERE.

When you post your work, make sure to use #hnytangles

Have fun and happy tangling!!!

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