Day 31 #InktoberTangles2022 | Pangea

This wraps up this year’s Inktober Tangles event. For information on the InktoberTangles2022 challenge, click HERE. I hope that you have gotten into a good habit of tangling every day as that is the objective of #Inktober. If you haven’t joined us yet on the facebook group (link below) or in my weekly free Zentangle Sessions, I hope you will. I also do a daily tangle, and will be continuing.

Pangea is a Zentangle® Original Tangle.

My version of the step-out is HERE. More inspiration from Zentangle® is over THERE. There is even more info, OUT YONDER on Tangle Patterns. Because Mrth was presented with Pangea, I am including links to the videos below.

My YouTube Playlist for InktoberTangles2022 is HERE.

When you post your work, make sure to use #inktoberTangles2022! Join us for more fun on our Private Facebook Group (make sure to answer the questions).

Have fun and happy tangling!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 31 #InktoberTangles2022 | Pangea

  1. Ellen says:

    Thank you, Heather, for posting the Inktober Tangles all month! They have inspired me along the way, even though I was unable to participate due to a home remodeling project that kept me busy all month. I DO plan to do a collage of all the tangles soon though. Your emails will help me follow along as if I had done them in October. I think I’ll call mine Inkvember! LOL I can’t wait to Tangle again!!

    Happy Halloween! 🎃 Ellen Geddie


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